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SEPT 2018

concepts to raise your conversions and results
... to ask for help.


We’re interrupting today’s marketing tip to ask for feedback. Usually, we’re trying to be helpful, but today, WE need YOUR help. We have three requests for you.

  • Can you tell us if these tips are helpful? Are there subjects we haven’t covered or topics you’d like to see more of?
  • We launched our new website two weeks ago – it’s the first complete overhaul we’ve done in three years, and we’d appreciate comments and suggestions.
  • We also launched a podcast service and have produced and/or promoted over 500 episodes. We've turned it into a formal offering, so if you (or someone you know) is curious about podcasts and why they’re a great marketing approach, please reach out/refer us.

To answer these questions or offer comments/suggestions, you can either reply to this email, click the link below, or contact us here.

Next week we'll return to the regularly scheduled marketing tip. Thank you!

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