We’re glad you like The Soul of Enterprise, and decided to visit us at Leading Results.

Ron and Ed enjoy the role of contrarians. They enjoy exploding the myths of business. And we enjoy some of the same.

When it comes to lead generation and marketing, we know that effective business development isn’t magic. It is a process. And we’re up-front about our process in helping our clients build and implement their marketing system.

If your website isn’t converting visitors to people you can talk to (aka leads), then you are missing out on the best piece of real estate you business has. 

At Leading Results, we started our business as marketing strategy consultants. And prior to that, we carried a quota and actually sold products. Marketing must generate revenue, and marketing strategy must produce leads, and your website, is very often, were most of that process leaves theory and becomes practice.

We practice Duct Tape Marketing and Inbound marketing. That means we believe in getting prospects to know, like and trust you before they try you out, buy, become a delighted repeat customer and refer you to their friends.

If you are looking to hire a firm to get results, not just a new look and feel to your brand, you've come to the right place (after all, results is the last part of our company name).

Your website must help you do the following, we help you get there:


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