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Our Team

Matt Starnes

Matt Starnes

Client Success Specialist

Matt is a hybrid of a creative and analytics’ monster.

Matt was forged in the fires of Mordor…ok, really in the bygone days of 90’s radio. He has over a decade of experience in sales and marketing and a wealth of client services and management experience. Matt has nine years of broad sales experience including inside sales, outside sales, and retail environments. He has managed both sales teams and staff in call center environments and has over seven years of marketing and promotions experience. A message from Matt: “All those words you read are great but what it really boils down to is I was able to transition from analog to digital. I learned the rules of those “ages” so now I’m able to break them to get clients results.”

When he isn’t managing accounts, writing, researching, or editing, Matt can be found hosting podcasts, reading, volunteering, spending time with his wife and family, playing board games, and walking the splendid greenways of Charlotte.

"Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around" -Henry David Thoreau

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