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Set your Goals - Live your Goals

August 9, 2010

Travel softball is over for the summer and during my daughter’s down time between summer and fall ball my husband and I work with her to understand what it is that she is trying to accomplish in upcoming season and what she needs to do to get there. Over the years both my husband and I have been through several goal-setting seminars and as a result feel pretty capable of coaching her in this process. As we begin, my mind switches gear to our clients…. Every business needs to be very clear and concise in their goals for what they are trying to accomplish with their marketing.

Whenever you set a goal, regardless of what you are trying to do, there has got to be strong motivation to achieve it. If you aren’t 100% committed to the goal, either assess the importance to your company and change it to one that you are behind, or find a way to become 100% committed.

You also have to believe that is possible to achieve the goal. It makes no sense to set up something completely unattainable. I’m a firm believe in lofty goals - but don’t set yourself up to fail. I have seen it time and time again, where the goal and the ability to achieve it are not aligned. This is why we hear, “I’ve spent a fortune on marketing my business and nothings happened. Marketing doesn’t work”. You need to be realistic.

You need to put your goals in writing with a timeframe for accomplishment. Once it is out of your head and on paper, it’s something that you can look at over and review. The timeframe component keeps you from procrastinating and keeps you on track. And the writing it down, makes it real.

You need make a detailed list of all of the benefits of achieving each goals. This paints a very clear picture in your mind of why you put all of your efforts into the tactics you need to undertake to complete it.

Make a list all of the things that stand in your way of achieving your goal. Once you’ve made this list, find a way to deal with these obstacles. I find this step to be the most important for me in attaining my goals. If you think through all of the things that can happen along the way, when you come upon them, including self-sabotage, you will already know how to get around the obstacle.

List all of the skills, knowledge, and people you need to help you to achieve each goal. Many times people get stuck here because they don’t know what they don’t know. Find someone who is doing what you are trying to accomplish and ask them if you can pick their brains on how they got to where they are.

Once you have this all done, put it into a plan of action! LIVE THE PLAN, and constantly Re-ASSESS THE PLAN. Make the changes needed as things come up, commit to it until you have accomplished YOUR goal.

Stay tuned for my next blog on things to track during the assessment portion of your marketing plan!

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