Website Development

Website Development 

In today’s competitive landscape, a pretty website is not enough. You need a home on the web that is visually appealing but also functional, user-friendly, and optimized for searchability and conversion. Companies that focus only on website design often ignore the pivotal role that a well defined and documented marketing strategy plays in the creation of your website. 

At Leading Results, we view your website as the powerful cornerstone to your marketing strategy. (If you are considering a website refresh, please make sure that a marketing strategy is firmly in place first). Through your website, we seek to educate and inspire your customers to take action. With our extensive experience in both web development and lead-generation marketing, we are committed to providing a beautiful modern website that is optimize for conversion no matter the platform. (Though we do prefer Hubspot and Wordpress.)

Our Process


Our web design process is documented and clear, and we are transparent about sharing it with you. We begin with the marketing workshop, where we crystalize your goals into perspective and create a comprehensive strategy to inform your marketing. We then move to the research stage, where we have conversations with your existing customers and study the language that they use to best identify opportunities for pinpointing materials that can attract your ideal client. We then begin to generate content and designs that are likely to appeal to the desired audience. The team then begins to develop the website, simultaneously live testing (with actual audiences of your desired demographics) the prototype for optimal user experience. After testing and launching, analytics take the center stage and drives tweaks to improve conversion.

A large part of our development process is optimizing each single page with best search engine practices. Alts, local SEO, long-tailed keywords and many other relevant aspects that drive SEO are carefully monitored and edited to ensure maximum searchability and relevancy of terms. Overall strategy drives every step of the design process, ultimately resulting in a high converting website that focuses on generating leads. 

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Website Performance

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“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” 

Paul Cookson