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Roco: Relevant Original Creative Offers

Roco is our content monster. He has a passion for Relevant, Original, Creative, Offers and his commitment to the team at Leading Results is to keep us light-hearted, fun, creative, and passionate for what we do. (After all, how seriously can you take a monster like this?)

He has had some formal and creative education at a Monster-sorri School in Transylvania (where all monsters originate). And, much like the founders of Google, (who also received this type of education), his schooling allowed him to be free-thinking and creative in his approach to problem-solving.

Roco found his calling in life when he started consuming content as a paper shredder for big companies, but decided that the content he was seeing wasn’t filling enough. Roco joined Leading Results eight years ago (in monster years, mind you).

Roco has had great people skills from a young age. His first job in the human world was a small part in the musical Avenue Q. In his free time Roco enjoys social media like Pinterest and Monstergram and has a continuing interest in theater. He also enjoys surfing and exploring. Follow Roco on Instagram at Roco Content Monster. You can reach him directly at

Building a Killer Content Strategy

The backstory:  

Roco came about from a conversation that all of us at Leading Results were having about how marketing has really shifted in the last couple of years. We were talking about how important it is to have great content to use as offers – especially if you are selling a complex product in a long sales cycle.

And someone made the comment that effective marketing is really about feeding the content monster.  And Roco was born.

Roco was originally illustrated by Matt Arnold – a talented artist in the Kansas City area.  He is now animated by Bob Rempfer at Amazingly Creative.

Contact Roco
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Cell: 978-855-8579
Skype: Leading Results
Charlotte, NC