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You Have an Idea – Now What?

February 4, 2016

Pop! An idea!

Did you ever receive a gift that was unexpected and changes the way you see the world? I was lucky enough to receive such a gift for the Christmas holiday. My future mother-in-law sent my fiancée and me a box of books. One was a children’s book.

Written by Kobi Yamada and beautifully illustrated by Mae Besom, I soon discovered that What Do You Do with an Idea? is a book for all ages.

The book’s clear story allows the reader to ask the questions all of us have – “Where did this idea come What Do You Do With An Ideafrom in the first place?” “Why is this idea here?” and “What do I do with this idea?” I know I have lots of ideas that strike me at different times, and I always ask those questions. And even though I’m not sure of the answers, I try to write my ideas down so I don’t forget them.

Most of the time I forget I had an idea, or the daily grind keeps me from fleshing it out. But have you ever had one of those ideas that just keeps coming back? Maybe you remember it or you find it in the notes section of your smartphone and it makes you smile – wow, that’s a great idea! So you start to flesh it out or write a couple more words or sentences about it.

Eventually you want to share your idea. There’s always a fear of rejection, and unfortunately that sometimes happens – you share your idea and people don’t understand it or bury it with non-constructive comments.

At this point, you’ll either abandon the idea or you’ll let it percolate.

Do you believe?

When you believe in your idea – heck, when you LOVE your idea – that’s when the magic happens. Your idea grows. You begin to feel more alive, you begin to see things differently. Suddenly, you can’t remember how things were before your idea. Your idea becomes larger than you, and it belongs to the world.

I’m lucky enough that I’ve had this happen to me in my work life and my personal life. I’ll have an idea for a blog post for a client, or a moment of clarity that gives me the right words for a landing page or an email to resonate with the reader. The proof comes when someone likes the blog, fills out the form on the landing page, replies to the email, etc. In my personal life I co-host a podcast and am an independent comic book creator/writer. I’ll often wake up in the middle of the night and scribble down an idea that will later turn into a podcast or comic book. what do you do with an idea content creation

The idea may not have changed the world, but it might change my client’s world – they now have a lead they didn’t have before, a lead that could turn into a customer. A new customer brings in money and, hopefully, more new customers through referrals. Because of my idea, my client is one step closer to being able to afford employee bonuses or college tuition for their kids. Maybe the client can think about selling the business and retiring.

Ideas are powerful, so feed them. That’s where stories, artwork, journeys, inventions, communities, and products come from – everything around you, in fact, was once “just” an idea.

The last line of the book’s dust jacket sums it up perfectly: “So what will become of your idea? Now that’s up to you.”

If you have an idea, now is the time to turn that idea into content. If you want a sounding board, give us a call. We are happy to listen, non-judgmentally.

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