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Why Video CTAs Matter

August 23, 2018

So here we are again… talking about video – but this time you’re here because I’ve lured you in with the promise of content you actually NEED! I’ve mentioned in other blogs why you need video, how to create video content that works, and even how to implement it as a strategy.

Today I want to talk about what happens after you’re finished with a video’s production.

Video Marketing on Landing Page of Laptop Screen. Business, Advertising Concept. 3d Render.Everyone wants to tell you why you need video and where/how to create it, but what they don’t tell you is that if you can’t prove your video’s contribution to the company’s success, it’s hard to get your boss to let you create another one. You need metrics to tell you more than just how many views the video has or how long the audience watched. Don’t get me wrong, those numbers are important – just not as important as placing calls-to-action (CTA) at the end of videos for lead generation purposes.Without a CTA, a video is only a branding tool, and with the new wave of video explosion, branding isn’t enough. Having a CTA opens the door for your audience to take the next step in getting to know you. You wouldn’t write a blog without a CTA; why treat your videos any differently?

How often have you watched a video blogger say, “Subscribe to my channel!” or “Like, comment, and share this video if you enjoyed it.” This is a great way to engage the audience and make them excited about upcoming content. But take it a step further – it’s been proven that if the audience must look for the action, they’re less likely to do it.

So I’m sure you can guess what I recommend: clickable actions! It isn’t enough to say “Please reach out to me if you have questions” – you need to spell it out. Give the audience a button that says, “Contact me!” and they’re more likely to do so. Below is an example of a CTA I often attach to the end of webinar recordings so the audience can schedule a time to talk with the speaker. This makes sure your audience doesn’t finish the video thinking, “Now what?”  

video CTA

My next blog will cover how to track your video CTAs to prove your ROI, so stay tuned! If you want to take action on creating video, contact us to learn more about our video services.

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