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Why Outsourcing Your Marketing Grows Your Business

August 31, 2017

If you know me professionally, you know how ironic it is that I’m writing about this topic, because delegating has always been EXTREMELY difficult for me. As a business owner, manager, or executive, you’re probably experiencing the same struggle I experience with outsourcing or delegating work – and because you’re reading this blog, you’re toying with the idea of outsourcing your marketing.

As hard as it is to conceive, it’s necessary. Here’s why.

The Outsourcing Struggle

I began my career at 22 as an entrepreneur. I was on a micro team of two and, from year two to year four, I was largely a one-man show. If I didn’t do it, it didn’t get done. I knew my craft so well and loved what I did so much that outsourcing my work wasn’t something I wanted to do. Even after my company grew, I was still hesitant to outsource or delegate tasks, because I had a few bad experiences with things not getting done, not getting done well, or having things done with a lack of passion.

That was fine for some tasks, but I was giving myself helpings of things that were nothing more than ‘time sucks,’ and I was bogged down in minutia. I couldn’t do my job well because I was doing everything half ass, and longer days don’t always mean more productivity.

When It’s Broken… Fix It

outsourcing your marketingAfter swallowing my pride and realizing that no matter how many super powers I had, I couldn’t do it alone. I didn’t know everything, and being a “doer” made me mechanical in my tasks, so I wasn’t learning. At first it stung, and my feelings of not being good enough went into overdrive.

To reclaim a quality of life I deserved and desperately needed, I realized I had to let go; I began the process of letting go by outsourcing things I hated, wasn’t good at, and would give me joy to let go of … my bookkeeping, accounting, and taxes.

By taking that first step of outsourcing and trusting my decision, each outsourced or delegated task was easier and easier – and at the end of the day, because I was surrounded by a team I trusted explicitly, I got to spend my days doing things that I didn’t just enjoy, I loved!

When You Know It’s Time to Outsource Your Marketing

Maybe you’re right on the brink of realizing that outsourcing is a real necessity. My first piece of advice is to understand that having to outsource your business efforts is not a reflection of you – it’s simply an indicator that your talents are best used somewhere else. Your insight and expertise are best served dedicated somewhere you can excel. Really, when the light bulb goes off that it’s time to outsource, it’s typically a very good thing for your business.

Next, realize you have options for outsourcing. Explore reputable companies with extensive experience in the areas you want to outsource and that you feel comfortable with and trust. Don’t choose the first marketing company you find; take time to find the one that understands your business, that you trust, that you’re in sync with, and that resonates with your company dynamics.

Website Performance

What’s most important to remember is that you’re STILL going to be involved. Specifically, with outsourcing your marketing, you’re needed in countless areas; just because you outsource doesn’t mean you’re now hands off. Educating the marketing company, agreeing to the marketing plan, and final approvals for content and strategy still rest on your shoulders. It’s the details, execution, and minutia that are off your plate. Plus, you’re giving your marketing efforts to a company that lives in the marketing world, and they’re likely chock full of ideas, strategies, and marketing activities that you would never even think of.

The Number One Rule of Outsourcing: Get Out of Your Own Way

It’s CRUCIAL to remember that if you outsource, you’re entrusting a piece of your business to someone else. Give that team the tools to succeed – do NOT hold them back with your insecurities and fears. If you’re confident in your decision and trust the outsourced team, let them do what THEY do best so you can do what YOU do best. Always remember: even though they’re a separate company, your company’s best interest is their number one priority. You should ALWAYS be on the same team.

My Status… 13 Years Later

I can’t leave you hanging on my current status of delegating and outsourcing. While I still like to control all facets around me and often put too much on my plate, I’ve gotten good at delegating when I know I’m compromising the quality of my work to appease my pride. I’ve also come extremely far in admitting my shortcomings without hurting my pride. I know what’s in my wheelhouse of work, what I do well, and where delegating is in the best interest of everyone involved.

Even better? I have a core group of team members I trust to delegate tasks to – professionals who will do a better job than I could – and that allows me to do the things I need to do to create success stories for my clients.

So, that being said – where do you stand on the subject of outsourcing your marketing?

Let’s Talk About Outsourcing Your Marketing

Would you like to talk more about the steps to outsourcing your marketing? Contact us!

Courtney Stallings
Written by Courtney Stallings

Courtney writes and edits content for Leading Results and their clients. She has been described as a Grammar Nazi and enjoys crafting writing with excellent spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

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