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Why It’s Important to Stay Educated

February 21, 2017

One of the main ways to lock in a strong marketing strategy is by engaging with blogs, webinars, and other relevant content that’s not yours; you’ll see nuances you’ve never considered about topics you think you know like the back of your hand. It will keep you on top of industry news, best practices, dos, don’ts, and faux paus, and, hopefully, a step ahead of your competition.  

Do you feel like you’re in a hamster wheel when it comes to marketing? Create content, post on social media, monitor social media, speak to potential customers, (hopefully) convert … and repeat. You shouldn’t be running in circles, though – you should always be adding techniques to your existing marketing repertoire. Switch it up by using both inbound and outbound practices, try a new social media platform for distributing content, create a new website promotion, etc.

But how do you know what to new techniques to add?

Here’s a not-so-secret secret: even if you aren’t doing everything you can to reach your target market and convert them, your competition is, and the only way to stay ahead is to stay educated. Read blogs written by businesses with products or services similar to yours, follow them on social media, visit their websites, listen to their webinars – you can learn what to do AND what not to do. (But no straight-up stealing!)

Below are several blogs that are definitely worth subscribing to if you’re in the marketing business and of course we here at Leading Results like to think our blogs are insightful and they definitely run the gamut of subjects, from improving customer experiences to being better at using LinkedIn to making your website better for visitors.

Learning something new benefits your mind, your creative process, AND your business. Keep customers coming back and bring potential customers in with the marketing tactics you learn by educating yourself on a daily basis. Marketing is both an art and a science and there’s no better way to spark creativity than by soaking in the influence of others in your trade.
12 Ways to Know Your Marketing Has Lost Its Way

PS – Here are those blogs I mentioned.

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