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Why it’s Important to be Process-driven: A Detailed Process is a Golden Process

June 20, 2016

We’ve seen it a million times: companies that seem to randomly achieve success – but just as quickly fail. These companies live on the brink of failure and success. In speaking to them, we quickly discovered the reason why – a lack of processes. These companies hit the mark once and cannot repeat it because they have non-repeatable processes, which are the most useful tools for making your business skyrocket.

So why do you need processes?

A process for everything you do in your business is much like a guarantee. You can guarantee results and assure that you are making strides in a positive direction based on a proven history. This blog will explore marketing as a process-driven mechanism that can enable you to achieve maximum success and transform your business.

10 Common Myths in Business

flow_chart_on_clipboard.jpgTime Management

Expansion of your company begins with hiring new employees, but with hiring new employees comes the sacrifice of time and money. It will require a lot of time to explain the company processes and programs. What if you could cut down the time and money spent explaining? A well-created process can give you that opportunity. With this kind of simplicity, all the new hire would have to be given is the task at hand and where to find a documented process to complete the task. Not only will you have saved yourself some money in training costs, the new employee will feel a sense of accomplishment on their very first day.

Creative Outlet

A well-structured process can lead to creative freedoms. This may sound like a bit of a contradiction, but take into account that, when given a map, it is then your personal freedom to choose where to go. A well-formed process gives the user room to create something different every time. A different perspective only generates better thought through ideas.

I Have Processes – Now What?

Once you have a high-quality process, it’s important to analyze any steps that could be changed to better the system. You must remove steps that might distract or hinder the user and add steps that might improve the process; it’s always a good idea to ask the user for their opinion about this. Much like when growing a plant, you break off the leaves to create more focused growth within the core. You are not finished with a process until you have analyzed it.

Ultimately, following a marketing process will guarantee that you have marketing success. Instead of flying blind, it will give you a roadmap to scale your business and give you the flexibility to identify points that need to be changed and improved. It will – most importantly – make your marketing efforts worthwhile and predictable.

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Leading Results helps businesses stop wasting money on marketing and improves their business development results by putting POWER in their marketing. The POWER is the Processes, Organizational Support, Why (you do what you do), Expertise and Refer-ability. You get strategy, tactics and execution. We work with both individual businesses and businesses as part of a larger ecosystem. Be more profitable.

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