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What Do Waffles Have to do with Hiring?

August 22, 2017

Two years ago, I found myself standing smack in the middle of Hubspot’s kitchen in Boston, blocking the way for busy HubSpotters grabbing breakfast before work. I’m sure they wondered what I was doing and thought I was a little crazy. In front of me stood several waffle-making stations next to a selection of incredible toppings, like chocolate chips (my favorite), bananas, berries, honey, apple, and every other fruit you can imagine. Everyone seemed so happy making their waffles, and many confessed to arriving early to partake in the waffle consumption they called Waffle Wednesday.

I was sold!

Waffle Wednesday

company cultureWhen I returned to our office, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I suggested the idea to the leadership team and, within a few weeks, I was organizing Leading Results’ first Waffle Wednesday! I asked each team member to bring something, packed my waffle maker, and had a successful Waffle Wednesday (well, aside from blowing a fuse once or twice). Everyone loved it, but more importantly I saw how it helped the team connect on a personal level and enjoy conversations that wouldn’t normally happen. It was a good bonding experience – and also delicious!

Eventually, when one of our teammates started a health journey, we added omelets to the menu and Waffle Wednesday became “Womelet Wednesday” (with no detriment to deliciousness, of course!)

Soon it was one of the things we casually mentioned to potential employees and then added to our application as a fun fact – little did we know how much applicants would take notice of the event.

Soon, every application we received from our ‘careers’ page mentioned something about Womelet Wednesday; one of the questions is, “Why Leading Results?” …

Here are a few answers we’ve gotten on applications:

So why does that matter? What did we learn?company culture

I think Womelet Wednesday is so appealing because it highlights the existence of a culture – a culture where there’s room for social interactions, spending time with your team, and doing something different together. Sure, the delicious breakfast part helps, but I think more than anything it shows how good our team is at creating an environment that values interaction and positive communal relationships as much as it values the work we produce. 

In business, we often expect austere suits with business-only conversation; Womelet Wednesday showcases the fun side of being part of a creative team and, as bizarre as it sounds, it’s something that highlights the personality of our business.

Womelet Wednesday may not work for you – it’s just an example of the importance of finding activities to highlight the personality of your business/team to attract people you want to work with. It could be a quarterly company kickball tournament, a potluck, a round of golf, or a trip to an amusement park. The important thing is to create opportunities for your team to bond so they can work more efficiently as individuals and as a team. 

Company culture is often ignored or barely tended to, but whether you’re paying attention or not, your company has one. For some companies – the ones quickly crashing – the culture may be of distrust and negative competition; for others, it may be a culture of growth and mutual respect. It’s vital to be aware of your company culture, make it positive, and always strive to improve. Simple activities like the ones above, team tournaments, outings, and, of course, WOMELETS are all simple components that contribute to your company culture.

Take advantage of simple activities that can make a big impact!

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