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True Customer Delight

April 12, 2010

Golden Retriever Thor

I recently had what I would call a “true customer delight” experience. An experience that would cause me to return to a business over and over and refer them to all I know.

We had to board my beloved Golden Retriever, Thor, over spring break.  Any of you who have pets that you love know how hard this experience can be.  We struggled to find just the right place for him.  We wanted to find a place where they would love him and play with him while we were on vacation.  After a long search we selected Best Friends Pet Care in Chadds Ford PA.

While on vacation my whole family talked about missing Thor, every day.  My husband and I usually have some work to do, so we bring our computers to get things done in down time.  Imagine my surprise when I opened my e-mail, mid-way through our trip, to find I had an e-mail from Thor.  The email said he was having a great time with his friends and he missed us.  It also included a picture of him at Best Friends looking very happy.  I can’t tell you how happy that made my whole family.  It gave us a sense of relief to know that he was alright.

Creating customer delight doesn’t take much.  It simply requires really thinking about your customers and how they are feeling about your service or product.  Once you are in their shoes, it’s easy to create a program that will surprise and delight.  It will bring them back time and again, produce glowing testimonials, and bring you solid referrals.

Tell me about your customer delight experiences.

Way to go Best Friends Pet Care!

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