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3 min read

How Psychology Affects User Experience

By Darling Jimenez on March 1, 2016

Psychology is essential when it comes to graphic design and web development. Often, companies
 are too concerned about having a pretty website and have little concern for the psychology of their design choices. Humans respond to content at a basic — that is, physiological and psychological — level without even realizing it. This blog seeks to shine light on five important things to remember about human psychology and the direction they should give your user experience design and planning. 

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2 min read

How One Click Led to the Question "Did You Elope?" | A UX Case Study

By Darling Jimenez on February 3, 2016

Next Door is a community portal to help neighbors stay engaged and informed about all things going on in the community. So I rejoiced when I got an invitation to join from my boyfriend (who I live with) and immediately clicked the sign up button. Little did I know that one click would lead to a lot of trouble. 

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