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Useful Tips and Tricks to Help You Grow

3 min read

Influence vs Power: Making Changes in Your Organization

By leadingresults on October 9, 2018

Think about someone who’s positively influenced you. This person could be a boss, coworker, family member, friend, or even a celebrity. Now think about five actions or characteristics of that person. What did you come up with? It’s possible you wrote that they’re patient, a good teacher, communicate well, set expectations, or that they’re simply a competent person with a logical mind.

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Thought Leadership - Marketing Trends for Small Business

By leadingresults on March 30, 2016

Our founder, Dan Kraus, was recently interviewed as a Guest on the @SageNAmerica Thought Leadership podcast. 

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2 min read

Do Leadership

By Darling Jimenez on January 28, 2016

For the past several months, I’ve been working on a book with some fellow Duct Tape Marketing colleagues – and what an experience! I had the opportunity to interview some genuine thought leaders who gave me very practical advice about how to become a thought leader. Writing a book is a daunting task, but when you collaborate with excellent people it is also a rewarding task.

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