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What's the New New Thing?

By Dan Kraus on December 20, 2014

(nod to Michael Lewis)

I had a long-time client of mine pose this question to me recently. He went on to say that in looking back over the four years we had worked together we had implemented a lot of change.  

We had updated the website and spent a lot of time on SEO, we had put in place a clear content marketing strategy. We were blogging. Doing videos. We were following up on website visitors, we were nurturing the names in his database on a regular basis. We had implemented referral marketing programs and made networking as effective as we could with his current staff and we were regularly participating and leveraging social media.

So his questions went, what should we be doing for 2015?

You know what? It was a darn good question.

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4 min read

Plugging the Sales and Marketing Leak

By Dan Kraus on November 19, 2014

There's a leak in your revenue-generation boat. And I can tell you where it is by asking 3 questions:

  1. What's a qualified lead (to your sales manager) that should be accepted by sales?
  2. What's a qualified lead (to your marketing manager) that should be passed onto sales?
  3. What happens when a qualified lead a salesperson is working on either delays the purchase or turns out to not be qualified after all?

Here’s our experience with most small and mid-sized companies (B2B, generally selling services or technology).

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So You Want to Become a Sales Rep: 7 Things You Should Know

By Dan Kraus on October 7, 2014

If you look at my résumé before I founded Leading Results, you’d see someone who was a bit schizophrenic in their sales and marketing career. I have had as many marketing roles as I have had sales roles. Why? Because when I had a sales job, I would often get frustrated with the effectiveness of the marketing to find me sales leads. Or the reverse: I’d have a marketing job and get frustrated with the effort – or lack thereof – that sales would put into the leads I generated. In either case, I’d shoot my mouth off and get told, “Okay, you go do it.” So I did.

I’m older and wiser now.

It sometimes seems that sales gets all the glory while marketing does all the work. It’s not true, but it does seem that way at times – though those times may be a-changing with the impact of the search engine on buyer behavior.

But I’ll assume that as a smart marketer/finance manager/consultant, you know all this, and still want to go and be a sales rep. Here are seven things you should be sure you know as you go:

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