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3 min read

Are You Running Marketing Technology or is It Running You?

By Dan Kraus on October 24, 2017

Is marketing technology running your business into the ground or are you using marketing technology to gain new ground?

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3 min read

5 Life Lessons One Might Learn While Interning For a Marketing Agency

By leadingresults on May 10, 2016

A first thought one might have when considering an internship: what industry can I learn the most from? Whether this is for a potential career or for life experience in a professional setting, marketing is the most diverse field to become a part of. The reason is that marketing takes structured creativity. Every member of a marketing team has a specific job that requires a sense of community to tackle a common task to achieve a common goal. Becoming a part of a team gives you an opportunity to learn the importance of creating an idea and then executing it in a structured manner. Marketing also has a social aspect to it that some might find a little challenging but it can open up so many opportunities. However, the main reason anyone should be interested in interning in marketing is that not only do you get to watch yourself grow, but you also experience a business growing around you.

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