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Creating Differentiation with Simply Excellent Customer Service

By Dan Kraus on April 28, 2014

I had to write this post about my recent experience with the folks at Southtree. I was introduced to this company through a groupon.  The offer was for $250 in video transfer services for $75, and I, like a lot of folks, have tons of old video and old pictures that I’d like to be able to use on my computer.

But transferring video to digital is a painfully slow process.  And for some forms (like slides), you have to have the right equipment.  So I figured this was a good opportunity to get some of the work done.

So I cashed in my groupon and boxed up my tapes according to their instructions, and sent them off. Now, trusting the postal service with your only copy of a memory is a little nerve wracking. Yes, they usually deliver, but you never know.  So I was quite relieved when I got this message two days later:


Hello, the team here at Southtree wanted to let you know your memories were delivered safely to our secure processing studio. We know these are very important so we keep every order under lock and key. Our studio is equipped with the latest surveillance, firesafe walls, and security systems.

Nice!  They had anticipated my anxiety, and relieved it immediately. Our relationship was off to a great start. But I sent 19 tapes and 61 slides.  Would I get my stuff back?  How do they keep track of all those little pieces?  Then

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