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Building Marketing 101 into your CRM System

By leadingresults on July 16, 2013

A few weeks ago we did a post on CRM Systems are not a Magic Bullet for Business Development and discussed some ways to leverage your CRM (Contact Relationship Management) database. What we didn’t discuss was a few specific pieces of data that should be tracked.

Let’s discuss what fields are pertinent for Marketing 101. At the very minimum you should have the following fields:

  • Account Type – required – is used to determine what type of account it is (customer, prospect, referral partner, past customer)
  • Source – every record should have a place of origin
    • Data Source – from a list that you typically import
    • Lead Source – where did the lead come from? Even better if you have a Lead Type (print advertising, website, referral, etc.) and a Lead Source (the specific source; ABC ad, XYZ Landing page or Joe Smith)
    • Industry – we are big fans of tracking industry so that you can see what kind of mix you have or should have
    • Product/Service Type – ideally you would know what products/services each customer has so that you can do targeted marketing.
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4 Months of Lead Optimization Using Inbound Marketing

By leadingresults on June 17, 2013

I considered labeling this post/case study “Why your blogging isn’t working” but instead, I’m presenting the results for an HVAC client of ours in NY who had been using inbound marketing via Hubspot since February.

I just started doing this case study when I was asked:

 "One of my friends said he tried blogging and it didn't work at all for him.    How do you know if this blogging and 'inbound marketing' is working for us?"

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If We Only Knew What We Already Know

By leadingresults on February 11, 2010

if-we-only-knew.jpgI heard this the other day from a client’s customer that we were surveying on the client’s behalf. The statement made me go “huh”.  He was specifically talking about how much information was in his ERP system that would make his company so much smarter if they could get at it.  (My client’s product has helped him do that).  But the more I thought about the statement, the more I realized how much it applies to so many aspects of a business.

Its not just the information locked away in the accounting system.  Think about it. How much could you company know about its prospects if you could get the information from the head and notebooks of your sales people? (and don’t say CRM, because salespeople hate writing that all down).  What about the knowledge your telemarketer has from all those phone calls that went no where?  How about the product ideas and suggestions your customers have that would enable you to grow to new levels?

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