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Observations from the Vendor Floor at Inbound 2018

By leadingresults on October 2, 2018

The vendors did a terrible job. (As a whole.)

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3 Steps to Content Stacking

By leadingresults on September 27, 2018

Although it was a difficult decision, my favorite INBOUND 2018 session was (drum roll, please): Conquering Consistent Content: Tools & Tactics to Become a Prolific Blogger, Podcaster, & Broadcaster. Long title, but what it boils down to is content stacking, an approach that makes planning and creating content more manageable. Dr. Colin Gray, CEO and founder of The Podcast Host and Alitu podcast production, ran the session, discussing his three-prong content stack approach.

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Top 3 Inbound 2018 Takeaways (From a Designer’s Perspective)

By Trevor McWilliams on September 25, 2018

For all the HubSpot fans, September means one thing: INBOUND! Our team travels from Charlotte, NC to Boston, MA for a week each year to learn about the current marketing trends and expand our ability to help our clients. We go to breakout sessions related to our role; as the graphic designer, I went to a lot of sessions about tech, brand, and design.

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So Much to Learn at Inbound!

By leadingresults on September 18, 2018

Leading Results spent the week of September 3rd in Boston at the INBOUND conference that’s hosted annually by HubSpot. With 23,000 other marketers (more than last year!), we attended breakouts, keynotes, a few parties, and ate from many food trucks (how else do you feed that many people in a short time?). And while you’ll get more detailed posts from our team in the upcoming weeks, we’ve gathered the most significant highlights from each attendee for you to read here. 

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