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New Year, New You, New ... MSPOT?

By Courtney Stallings on January 13, 2017

If you’re like us, you planned too much for 2016, and there were customers you didn’t get, money you didn’t make, and goals you never accomplished. Instead of sighing and pushing those goals straight off the 2016 page and onto the 2017 page, however, we decided to try something different this year.

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2 min read

Set your Goals - Live your Goals

By leadingresults on August 9, 2010

Travel softball is over for the summer and during my daughter’s down time between summer and fall ball my husband and I work with her to understand what it is that she is trying to accomplish in upcoming season and what she needs to do to get there. Over the years both my husband and I have been through several goal-setting seminars and as a result feel pretty capable of coaching her in this process. As we begin, my mind switches gear to our clients…. Every business needs to be very clear and concise in their goals for what they are trying to accomplish with their marketing.

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