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Price, Service and Brand Alignment

By Dan Kraus on April 4, 2015

Seth Godin recently wrote a post on luxury and customer service, the essence of which is that if you can afford to pay more, the service doesn’t have to be great because the brand figures you can just buy another, – you can read it here – and I wanted to pile on with two recent experiences.

First was my wife’s experience with her Coach bag. She loves the Coach brand. She’ll walk into the store in the mall just to smell it. So recently she had a problem with one bag when the handles starting unraveling, she took it back to the store and they shipped it off to look at it for repair. 

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Invisibility is the wrong superpower for your business

By Dan Kraus on January 25, 2015

This may seem to be a nit... a picky complaint… but there is a lesson here.

I like my dry cleaning service. They pick up from my house and they return the clothes a couple of days later.  They charge my credit card and when they make a mistake (like when they wrecked a pair of pants) they include a note and offer compensation.

In general, this “invisible service” works pretty well; until it doesn’t. I say invisible, because I never have any personal interaction with them.  Just notes back and forth.

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