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3 Tips to Increase Your Brand Awareness

By Trevor McWilliams on September 26, 2017

If people don’t know about your brand, you won’t have success in your industry. Brand awareness leaves a lasting impression and people are more likely to tell others about you. In my blog last month, I talked about three reasons brand awareness makes the difference. Today I’m following up with three tips to increase your brand awareness.

Use these 3 tips to increase your brand awareness.

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2 min read

3 Reasons Brand Awareness Makes a Difference

By Trevor McWilliams on August 17, 2017

I’m in the market for a new TV ... and if you’ve shopped for a new TV before, you know there are a lot of identical products – they may have different logos, but they’re the same. The question then becomes “How do I decide which one to get?” and my immediate thought is “Oh, I know that brand, that looks cool” or “I’ve never heard of them before, pass.” In reality, the brand I’ve never heard of probably has the same quality as the familiar brand, but in my brain, they’re labeled ‘pass’ simply because of the word/symbol written on the front of the TV.

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Are You Using Your Sense of Humor in Your Marketing and Brand?

By Dan Kraus on July 29, 2014

A friend sent me this picture from the park Manitou Springs, Colorado. It proves that even municipalities can have a sense of humor in getting their message across. Does this help keep the park clean? I have no idea, but I would expect so. If nothing else, it makes the message more memorable, and memorable helps create action.

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