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Top 3 Website Design Predictions for 2017

December 29, 2016

With 2016 in the books, it’s time to consider 2017 and figure out what the design trends of the year will be. The trick is to catch on before it’s too late – with the ever-changing tech world, these trends are becoming harder and harder to predict. If done right and tracked properly, however, you can be at the forefront and gain a huge competitive advantage.

Following are my top three website design predictions for 2017.

2017 design trend predictionsMobile and App Integration

It’s no secret that people are more attached to their mobile phones every day, and it’s switching the process people use to search for things from the desktop to the mobile device. About 75% of people use a desktop and a mobile phone for Internet searches – and about 20% of millennials don’t use a desktop at all. To utilize this trend for yourself, consider having an app that’s an extension of your website and your brand. This is because 80% of mobile time is spent in apps, not in a browser. The best way for companies to reach the largest portion of their target market is to have a website that’s compatible with all mobile devices; look for much more user-friendly mobile websites and all companies to have their own apps in 2017.

Gifs in CTAs

When creating a call-to-action, it’s important to make sure it stands out on a page full of content. Traditionally, images are used in CTAs to make this happen, but 2017 is going to take it one step further with gifs. Throughout pop culture in 2016, gifs were a huge hit – easier to make than a video but an effective way to grab someone’s attention in a sea of static content; if the gif relates to the brand image or the content, it should seamlessly fit onto the page. Be ready for the use of gifs in CTAs in 2017.

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Bot Integration on Websites

When people visit a website, the top things they look for are simplicity and ease of navigation. With bot integration, not having those things won’t be a problem – instead of looking for what you want, simply tell the bot and let it find the information for you. These chatbots also bring a personal feel between the user and the company, as it is basically like having a conversation with the website. Bots may just make their mark on many websites in 2017.

There will, without a doubt, be other website design trends that no one sees coming in 2017. The secret is being the first to recognize the trends and capitalize on them for a very successful year.

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Trevor McWilliams
Written by Trevor McWilliams

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