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Top 3 Inbound 2018 Takeaways (From a Designer’s Perspective)

September 25, 2018

For all the HubSpot fans, September means one thing: INBOUND! Our team travels from Charlotte, NC to Boston, MA for a week each year to learn about the current marketing trends and expand our ability to help our clients. We go to breakout sessions related to our role; as the graphic designer, I went to a lot of sessions about tech, brand, and design.

These are the top 3 things I learned at INBOUND 2018.

Focus on people’s emotionsIMG_0377

Grabbing the attention of an audience and keeping it is essential in marketing. To do this, we have to determine why people buy from certain brands. Yes, product quality, customer service, and trust play a big role, but tugging at people’s heartstrings is also a smart tactic for keeping someone’s attention. Ultimately, if someone can relate to your brand and what you stand for, they’ll feel an emotional connection.

Tell a story – not just with your content, but with your design. Whether it’s your photo choice, video style, or music selection, the design sets the mood. You can have amazing product specs, but without building a connection with your audience, you won’t build a strong brand. Aristotle once said, “Without first the appeal from ethos, you’re unlikely to be granted a hearing on logical grounds.”

Create an experience

Everyone has problems to solve, but every problem can’t be solved the same way. Therefore, it’s about more than the solution – it’s also about the experience a customer has while their problem is being solved. Creating an experience for buyers is more important than ever; people want the ability to customize a product or service to fit them exactly.

Marketers, salespeople, and designers can do this. Marketers and salespeople can customize the buying process and how they solve problems for those they work with. Designers can control how people interact with your content by creating ways for people to feel like you’re talking to them through layouts and other design options. If you create a successful buying experience that makes people buy from you, they’ll likely buy from you again – and recommend you to others.

Use sound

The access to content, especially video content, is everywhere, so you must stand out. That means not only getting the viewer to remember the video content but also the brand associated with the video. As content creators, our first goal is to be helpful to the audience, but if they don’t remember who provided the content, it’s a loss for brand recognition. This is where the art of sound comes into play. 

Sound triggers emotion and memories in your subconscious. Consider Jaws – you only need to hear the first two notes to get a reaction! Or the Jeopardy theme song. They mean something to almost everyone; a similar effect can happen when someone watches your videos. If you consistently create quality content, viewers will hear the sound of your videos and know they’re going to learn something. It sets the tone for the video and gives the viewer a way to remember you later.

marketing to millennials
Implementing this isn’t as hard as it sounds. If you add an intro and outro sound to all of your videos, people will soon recognize that sound as your brand. Typically, between 2-12 notes for introducing your logo or however you normally introduce your videos. You can create your own sounds, pay someone to make you a sound, or use a stock sound. (Remember, though, that someone else could use the same stock sound.) The key is to use the same sound in every video; otherwise, it won’t trigger anything, much less good thoughts about your brand.

Overall, INBOUND 2018 was a success, and we learned a lot about improving our marketing efforts for our clients. If you want to talk more about what we learned or need help with your marketing, send us an email at info@leadingresults.com.

Trevor McWilliams
Written by Trevor McWilliams

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