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The essence of good design

February 8, 2010

I am an Apple fanatic. I admit it (again). There are so many things they do right that I am willing to let slide the few they get wrong (see my post below). I love my iPhone. (I am not a fan of the touch keyboard, but for all the things the phone computer does right, I can let it slide). I think the true example of the great design of this product is my 21 month-old daughter – who while can’t read, has absolutely no problem running this device. I mean, come on, a design so intuitive that a toddler runs it correctly?

So what about your product or pricing or website? Is it so complex that an educated adult can’t get it? What are you striving for in usability? Great design (in your pricing, your product, your service process) is just another way to tell your customers you care and value them. The web is the equalizer. Design will set you apart because it takes time to get it right, and it creates an effective barrier to entry or competition. So invest the time in the little things. People (and toddlers) do notice.  What examples of great design can you share?  Please comment below.

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