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The Correct Use of Content

July 13, 2015

content not hitting the right place

Like many, I enjoy running outdoors and I often run in my neighborhood. Along with this penchant, I also love nature and particularly trees. So as I run in my neighborhood I am often captivated by the beauty of the trees there – and occasionally, saddened.

It’s a well-established fact that plants and trees need water. On the route that I run there are many irrigation systems in use. These spray water on the grass and plants. Unfortunately, they also water the trees -- but not where the trees need water (which is at the root ball). Instead, the water is shot directly at their sides where the bark is. Mechanized and with no human qualifier to determine whether what the water is reaching has need of it, the process continues. Marketing content can be like that water. We often have great material, but at times we aren’t watchful of all the places it’s going, its performance or the effect it’s having.

This over-spraying may not seem noteworthy until you realize that the bark of a tree is its skin, and consider the effects. Just like it’s not healthy for a human to go around with wet skin all day (think of your feet now), it is also unhealthy for trees to have bark that’s kept soggy (keep thinking of your contacts here).

[The tree pictured below, has bark that has been hit too often with irrigation.]

over wet tree that becomes damagedTypically when it rains (good content – right place, right time), the bark of a tree remains relatively dry because its canopy of leaves acts like an umbrella. What I see most frequently on trees that receive the right thing (water) in the wrong place (side bark) is a splitting of the bark – this can lead to fungus or disease. So, what I see as the seasons pass is diseased and yes, eventually dead trees.

How does this relate to marketing? Frequency and place. You can over-use content if it's aimed at the wrong place. It’s why contacts unsubscribe. There really is no substitution for a good qualifier. Be sure that you are meeting your contact in the right place of the marketing funnel. Be aware of the Buyer’s Persona and their location in the Buyer’s Journey. Otherwise you just might get a contact, like this tree – that splits.

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