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Spreading Holiday Cheer, The Season of Company Culture is Here!

December 19, 2017

The holiday season can be such a reflective time in our lives; I know for me a lot of the reflections involve taking a step back and realizing that I wouldn’t have excelled as much as I did this year if I didn’t have my coworkers to bounce ideas off of or ask for tips to make a project better  or even just to have a good laugh.



 I hope you have positive things to reflect on, too and happy holidays!

Katie Lorenz
Written by Katie Lorenz

Katie is our youngest member. She is passionate about sharing ideas and helping to convert ideas into finished products. She is also a video editing enthusiast and joined Leading Results in part to expand her skills and bring fresh ideas to the editing process. Katie also loves learning new things from marketing and applying them to achieve client success. She is a valuable asset to the team with great energy, excitement and a commitment to results. A Philadelphia native, Katie is assertive, intelligent and driven.

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