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Social Media Success 2 & 3

January 29, 2010

This is a continuation of the social media success stories I started publishing a couple of weeks ago. The stories come from a question and survey I asked to my LinkedIN connection....

From a freelance sales manager I know... "I just actually closed a SAP Business One deal for partner, and when I suggested to the president that, at the appropriate time that I give him some references for me. He told me it was unnecessary, as he had looked me up on Linkedin, had found people he knew, and had already checked me out, "or we wouldn't have gotten this far". I now use it regularly to check references, and to find people who I can use as references who I have lost contact with."

And from a marketing manager I know (not even related to his company) "I'll share a success story that I heard from a plumber when we happened to meet at the Christmas pageant at our local elementary school: This guy had been advertising religiously in the Yellow Pages for years, and by chance he did some work for a 'nice lady' in Belmont, a suburb 10 miles south of San Francisco. After completing he completed the job, the woman wrote a good recommendation for him on a local womens' forum. The very next day the plumber stared getting calls from other members. Within two weeks more than 80% of his jobs came from this small online community. The next month he canceled his (very expensive) Yellow Pages ads and has never been busier. I love this story because the plumber was not at all involved in high-tech or social media. He was just a guy that happened to have his world transformed almost by accident."

To close out, I'll use a quote that I posted as my thought for everyday on twitter a few days ago... Luck (or in the case of the happy plumber's accident) resides at the intersection of preparation and hard work. Do you have a story to share? Please post it!

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