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Shooting Down the Competition with Video Blogging

September 6, 2016

Oh, would you look at that – a new blog! Are you reading it thoroughly? You may just be skimming it, but that’s all right. I understand why.

What if I told you there are MANY other ways to create content? Though blogs are very helpful when discussing new, innovative ideas, there are ways to put a fresh spin on old content. So while I still recommend creating long-form content, it’s important to keep the audience intrigued. Putting a face to the words they are reading provides a more relatable approach.


Did you know that 64% of potential clients are more likely to continue the Buyer’s Journey when presented with a video?* MAKE A VIDEO! Video blogging, aka vlogging, should be a new strategy you take advantage of.

video bloggingNow, I know what you’re thinking: What if I’m camera shy? How would I even go about discussing the point I want to make? Well, when filming a vlog, you should treat the camera as if it is a person you’re having a conversation with. That way, the audience feels as if they are a part of the discussion. It may also help if you have someone in the room with you while taping to make you feel a little less awkward. Once you have recorded your vlog, it is a good idea to add fun annotations and hyperlinks to perhaps a formal written blog. This gives the audience an opportunity to listen to your topic and become interested in reading the blog as well.

Vlogging Tips

It is very important to be short and concise when creating a vlog so the listener will take the time to watch it. It’s much like walking past an ice cream shop and trying a sample at the door. You taste it and you are thrown back. “Bacon caramel ice cream? That’s insane, no way is that good!” But once you try it, BANG – “What other crazy ideas might they be right about? I have to go inside and check it out!” A video can serve as that tiny Dixie cup of interesting, diverse content. Keeping things fresh and new will provide purpose for producing precise subject matter.

Building a Killer Content Strategy

What Vlogging Can Do For You

Not only can video help promote new content, it can help you bring new readers to older content. Take the time to create a video by pulling interesting points out of previous blogs. Doing this gives the audience, who may have previously digested the content, a different outlook on the material. In addition, you may reach new listeners who before only skimmed the article.

Videos can open many doors to many different generations and demographics. A diverse variation of content is paramount when writing, promoting, or posting. Remaining educated is key.

*via HubSpot

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