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SEO for Growth with Phil Singleton

December 21, 2017

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Phil Singleton on our podcast, Marketing Monster Mashup (the official podcast of Leading Results). Phil shared what inspired him to work with small businesses on their search engine optimization (SEO) growth strategies.

SEO for growth.jpgPhil is definitely an “all in” type of guy. He told us what motivated him to move to Taiwan in his 20s without knowing the language or a single person there. I was amazed to hear how a technology company landed in his lap and led to the “aha moment” of knowing SEO was the key to dominating Google and search. That experience helped Phil find his passion: helping small business owners through search. That led him to coauthor (with John Jantsch) SEO for Growth: The Ultimate Guide for Marketers, Web Designers & Entrepreneurs.

Phil also believes an untapped SEO opportunity is the power of podcasting/podcasts and how you can maximize them for SEO dominance. We spoke about how even though podcasting is relatively easy if you’re committed, some folks are hesitant to launch their own; in that case, landing on a podcast as a guest can be equally rewarding (and a lot less work). Phil has again jumped in headfirst by creating a guest podcast service called Podcast Bookers.

Some points we cover in the podcast conversation:

Here’s the link to learn more about Podcastbookers.com.

You can connect with Phil on his website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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You can also read the full transcript of the podcast episode here.

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