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Revamp and Renew

September 29, 2015

I attended a friend’s birthday party recently that had quite an impact on me. Jim reserved a private room at a pub, rented a mic and speakers, and treated us to a unique experience. What transpired over the next hour-and-a-half, including a brief intermission, was amazing.

Around the same time, our Design Evangelist, Darling Jimenez, revamped our website. The thing is, I liked our old website, until I explored our brand new site. It is the whole package: great design, easy to navigate, fantastic graphics, and more intuitive. I was blown away. Darling is so engaged that she noticed something a lot of us wouldn’t  – that  it was time to refresh. Sometimes you may know when you need to update or retire your material or website. Sometimes, you have looked at it for so long, it doesn’t strike you as being out of date. Not only was Jim celebrating his birthday but also the gathering of friends was an opportunity to retire his older monologue material. Jim is a poet, monologist, podcaster, and all around talk-a-holic (did I make up that word?). Jim read from a book of his monologues and loose sheets of creative whimsy that ranged from parody commercials to stream of consciousness introspections. My fellow party-goers and I were delighted and impressed with Jim’s bravery to retire so much material as the only other person I know that did this was Jerry Seinfeld!

Many times, we don’t notice how outdated the comfortable has become until we have a striking point of comparison. It may take a third-party view to do that comparison. And that's what Leading Results does every day.

Wouldn’t you feel better having an expert like Darling reviewing your website? Not sure your marketing plan is the best it can be and executed correctly? Not sure what to blog about or where to begin? We can help. Please ask us to look at your website, marketing plan, or any other marketing concern you may be unsure of because this is what we do. We help you achieve your dreams for your company.

Come on; let’s get some new material.

Refresh Your Website with Growth Driven Design

Matt Starnes
Written by Matt Starnes

Matt Starnes combines his loves of client satisfaction, research, writing, sales, and marketing in his duties as Account Executive here at Leading Results. Matt has over a decade of experience in sales and marketing and a wealth of client services and management experience. Matt has nine years of broad sales experience including inside-sales, outside sales, and retail environments. He has managed both sales teams and staff in call center environments and has over five years of marketing and promotions experience. Matt began his career in radio as a writer, producer, DJ, host, and promotions; all skills he still uses to some capacity today. When he isn’t managing accounts, writing, researching, or editing, Matt can be found hosting podcasts, reading, volunteering, spending time with his wife and family, playing board games, and walking/exercising.

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