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Boxing Gloves

Sales and Marketing Working Together is a Platitude

Conventional wisdom is that sales and marketing must work together for everyone to succeed. Marketing needs to support sales’ lead generation needs so sales can get the numbers; sales needs to give feedback to marketing so they know what programs to keep running.


5 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Work for You

After being acquired by Microsoft in 2016, LinkedIn has gone through monumental changes, including the robust integration of ...
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Documenting Business Processes

I've been working on a sales playbook for Leading Results, and it made me reflect on the progress we've made in documenting ...
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Steve Kinzler of Element Funding on Marketing Monster Mashup

Join Marketing Monster Mashup’s host, Matt Starnes, and Laura Lorenz for a fun and insightful conversation with Steve Kinzler ...
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3 Ways to Get People to Read Your Emails

Prospecting by email is challenging – and often unrewarding. After all, 112.4 billion (yeah, with a B) business emails are ...
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Speeding the Marketing to Sales Cycle

How can we shorten the sales cycle? I’ve been hearing some version of that question for the 30 years I’ve been in technology ...
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3 Ways to Maximize Your Opportunity for Leads Using Twitter

You’ll never guess what I’m here to talk to you about today – that’s right, SOCIAL MEDIA. Social media continues to be a major ...
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Case Studies vs Customer Snapshots vs Testimonials vs Reviews

If your website, blog, premium content offers, marketing programs, etc. are on point, you’re doing a fantastic job of ...
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Why You Need Google My Business – Even if You Aren’t a Local Business

In 2007, Google received 438 billion searches – all year. In 2017, Google received 100 billion searches – every month. If you ...
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How to Get your Employees to Help with your Social Marketing

How do you get someone to do something they don’t want to do? A quintessential question asked by wives/husbands, children, ...
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Where Do Workflows Work and Where Do They Hurt Your Efforts?

In marketing platforms and systems like HubSpot, workflows are a staple of marketing automation and sales enablement. But are ...
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A Dangerous Stew of Commodity Thinking, Marketing Automation, and Metrics

“You can’t market what we do and you can’t sell what we do. We’re a commodity and an expense; companies aren’t looking for us ...
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The Importance of Sales and Marketing Alignment During a Long Buying Cycle

This is the final blog in my 3 Things You Need to Know to Nurture a Lead Through a Long Sales Cycle series. After covering ...
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Facebook Lead Ads: What You Need to Know for 2018

Anyone who has a Facebook account knows it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of posts you see on your news feed from ...
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How to Approach Any Food Situation with TNT

Here I go again! Right before the December holidays, I managed to get the energetic Courtney Barnes of Total Nutrition Technology ...
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3 Reasons to Choose Growth-Driven Design

Website design is a daunting task for many business professionals – it requires a lot of time and thought they don’t typically ...
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