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Seven Winning Marketing Strategies that Score Big Together!

By leadingresults on February 5, 2019

In the game of getting leads and closing sales, you need a solid strategy. These seven strategies involve both the responsiveness of people and the immediacy of the web and will help propel your efforts. 

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How to Use Marketing Data to Foster Better Customer Relationships

By leadingresults on January 31, 2019

To create stronger customer relationships, you must understand how to get the most from your marketing data, and, thanks to CRM (customer relationship management) and social media analytics tools, gathering customer data has never been easier. The data is great for project management, customer research, closing sales, and general marketing activities – so how do business leaders, salespeople, and marketers use their CRM data to understand how to foster better customer relationships and extend the lifetime value of their customers?

Let’s look at why some companies fail to provide better customer experiences and what successful use of CRM data and human interactions to foster positive experiences looks like.

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3 Tips for Growing Local Brand Awareness

By Trevor McWilliams on January 29, 2019

Brand awareness is how consumers view the quality of your goods and services and your company culture – and it’s critical to your success. Brand awareness tries to align how you want others to perceive your business and how people actually do perceive your business. This is more important than ever with social media because news and opinions – good and bad – spread like wildfire.

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Getting to Know You – How to Write an “About Us” Page

By Courtney Stallings on January 24, 2019

When people visit your website, they want to know:

  • How big you are
  • How long you’ve been in business
  • Where you’re located
  • The faces behind the products/services
  • What makes you special
  • Your core values
  • Why they should buy from you and not your competitor
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5 Design Tips for Creating a Perfect Logo

By Trevor McWilliams on January 22, 2019

A logo is a direct representation of a company and its branding. It is also frequently the first impression a customer gets of a company. Creating a perfect logo is essential to a company’s success, but designing a single image that represents what the company and its brand are all about can be a daunting task.

Topics: logo
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5 Truths to Closing the Sale on an Expensive Product or Service

By leadingresults on January 17, 2019

I’ve worked with many complex, expensive products and services during my marketing career, and I’m not alone in saying it’s challenging to make prospects understand the value your pricey product offers. Here are five things I’ve learned about marketing and selling an expensive product.

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Don’t Hire (Only) People Like You

By Courtney Stallings on January 15, 2019

Scientific research suggests that when hiring employees, managers look for the baseline of technical skills first – but really want people they can bond with and feel good around. It makes sense: spending a day at the office is more enjoyable when you can befriend, or at least relate to, your employees, and it’s certainly easier to get buy-in for your ideas when you surround yourself with people who think like you.

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Your Website Sucks? Here’s How to Fix It

By Darling Jimenez on January 10, 2019

If you read my previous article, you might be trembling with fear and wondering how you can fix this mess and make your website not suck.

Topics: website
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Search, Geofencing, and Programmatic Advertising – Oh My!

By leadingresults on January 9, 2019

Psst … psst … hey you … yes, YOU! Do you want to put an ad in front of your competitors’ customers while they’re still at your competitors’ place? We can do that! Then we can keep advertising to them after they leave – it’s called geofenced programmatic advertising. And it has a lot of uses beyond just advertising to the guy who went to a competitor’s restaurant. You can use it to recruit employees, capture people at a trade show or conference, or focus on everyone who’s stayed at a specific hotel.

Topics: advertising
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8 Reasons Your Website Sucks

By Darling Jimenez on January 4, 2019

You looked at your website and didn't like what you saw (otherwise you wouldn’t be here.) Below you'll find 8 issues that can negatively affect your website traffic. 

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