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Boxing Gloves

Sales and Marketing Working Together is a Platitude

Conventional wisdom is that sales and marketing must work together for everyone to succeed. Marketing needs to support sales’ lead generation needs so sales can get the numbers; sales needs to give feedback to marketing so they know what programs to keep running.


Asking the Right Questions: Beyond Vanity Metrics

One of the biggest challenges marketers and business owners face isn’t that they don’t have enough data to make good decisions ...
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Talking Analog vs. Digital Marketing with Jason Huddle

Matt Starnes, the host of Leading Results’s Marketing Monster Mashup podcast, sat down for a far-reaching conversation about ...
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Help! Is There an Editor in the House?

  In Portland, Maine, a judge awarded a dairy company’s employees $5 million in retroactive overtime pay because the ...
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How to Make the Most of Being a Trade Show Sponsor

I recently attended the BCUG/NAVUG Summit 2018 show in Phoenix with a client who was a Gold Level Sponsor. It was the first ...
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3 Reasons to Build a Portfolio For Your Website

Have you ever been in a meeting with a prospect or had a conversation with someone interested in what your business does and ...
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Marketing Trends and Challenges Q&A

I was recently asked to participate in a panel discussion about marketing trends and challenges for technology consulting ...
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If You Want Better Marketing Results, Get Better Marketers

I am continually surprised by business owners who haven’t stayed current with marketing trends, techniques, or technology … ...
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You Can’t Tame the Marketing Monster Through Avoidance

Which of these phrases best describes marketing in your tech company? We suffer from random acts of marketing We’re really ...
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How to Improve Your Website for 2019

If you know your website needs work, you’re in the right place to learn how to make improvements on a low budget. Following is ...
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Demo Videos are Great – But Let’s Make Them Better

If you’re anything like our clients when you hear the word ‘video,’ you have a voice in your head that also says, “Demo ...
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5 Common Myths about Being a Graphic Designer

It’s no secret that the internet is all about attention-grabbing content, and what better way to grab someone’s attention than ...
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Getting Involved and Giving Back with Betsy Boone of #KennedyStrong

Matt Starnes, the host of Leading Results’s Marketing Monster Mashup podcast, sat down for an educational and insightful ...
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Why is Writing So Hard?

For the past five months, I’ve gone to bed almost every Sunday with a great fear. This fear hasn’t been death or snakes or ...
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Influence vs Power: Making Changes in Your Organization

Think about someone who’s positively influenced you. This person could be a boss, coworker, family member, friend, or even a ...
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It Takes More Than a Great Product – It Takes a Community

Running your business is hard. There are never enough resources to do everything you want to do. Technology never seems to ...
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