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No, You're Not Plagiarizing Yourself

October 25, 2016

Content, content, content: the (unofficial) inbound marketing mantra. Quality content is what brings people to your site and helps them get to know, like, and trust you – but the constant need to create engaging, share-worthy content can be time-consuming and, frankly, exhausting.

The good news is that you can squeeze more out of the content you’ve already created by repurposing it into different forms. As long as your content is high quality, converting it into something new to post and promote can cause more people to engage with it and attract more website visitors, increasing your chances of conversion.

Here are a few examples:

eBooksrepurposing content, repurpose

Take a series of blog posts on a related topic and combine them into an eBook. This is great for both current and prospective customers; current customers may have already read all your content on the topic, but now you’re offering it in a convenient bundle. Prospective customers may have seen only one of the relevant blog posts and bounced before searching for more – if they get the eBook, however, they’ll see how much quality content you have, which might keep them on your site longer and/or bring them back.

Also, you could do this the other way around – that is, take an eBook and break it down into a series of shorter blog posts.


Do you have blogs with information you could present graphically? Blogs with statistics, blogs that discuss topics that occur in a timeline, blogs that contain comparisons, etc. can all be turned into infographics.

Infographics are an excellent addition to written content. They’re informative, they’re eye-catching, and they’re easy to read – all things your audience is looking for.

Ultimate Guides

Collect the best blogs/articles you can find about a subject and put them together to create “The Ultimate Guide to …” The beauty of this option is that it’s ok to borrow someone else’s content. “The Ultimate Guide to Dog Training,” for example, could include content from websites like the American Kennel Club or PetSmart.

And don't think of it as sending prospective customers a competitor, think of it as saving your audience a lot of time – something that’s at a major premium these days – by doing the research for them.

Oh, and we need to mention this even though we’re pretty sure you already know it: DO NOT copy and paste someone else's content. That's plagiarism. Always give credit where credit is due, typically by offering links and citing original authors.


Take an instructional blog and make it even more instructional by turning it into a checklist.

Simplify it into a series of bullet points, stay focused on the verbs, remove anything that isn't an action, and group instructions together to make them easier to follow. And bonus points if you create it in a printable format – people love physically checking things off lists.

Building a Killer Content Strategy

Repurposing content serves several purposes. One, it gives you a break from creating 100% fresh content all the time. Two, it brings in a new audience. Some people are visual learners, so they’ll hit up your infographics, some people prefer reading, so they’ll love your blog posts and ultimate guides, and some people are into bare bones content, so checklists are perfect.

Before you repurpose content, make sure it’s relevant, or that it can be updated to be relevant. Our blog post on the Ice Bucket Challenge, for example, wouldn’t have been relevant because it happened two years ago – except in July 2016 it became relevant again when the money it raised led to the discovery of a new ALS gene.

If you struggle to create original content all the time, start looking for ways to put a new spin on the content you already have – the content might not be original, but the format will be.

Need some ideas? We can help! Start by reading this blog, and then give us a call!

Courtney Stallings
Written by Courtney Stallings

Courtney writes and edits content for Leading Results and their clients. She has been described as a Grammar Nazi and enjoys crafting writing with excellent spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

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