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Your Website Sucks? Here’s How to Fix It

May 27, 2019    |     Darling Jimenez

If you read my previous article, you might be trembling with fear and wondering how you can fix this mess and make your website not suck.

Consider these 8 tips.

Overly crowded navigation

If you have a clear brand message, you can cut down your menu. Write down all the navigation pages you currently have. Combine pages that are thematically related and remove unnecessary content. If you click on a page and all it has is one sentence, that page is unnecessary. Trim your menu until you have 2 levels and no more than 5 options for each drop down.

Poor legibility

Ask your web designer to choose a web-compliant font. Generally, a size 16 font is large enough to be read throughout. For font color, many shades of dark grey work well. Stay away from black and very dark shades, as they can be harsh on the eyes. (If you don't have a web designer, you can hire them and they can make these changes in about a hour.)

Bad designGITK_MU_Identity-1024x650

A poorly designed website means you'll have to commit to a redesign. The sooner you get started, the better.

You're not mobile-friendly

Content that's not mobile-friendly is closely tied to the poor design issue above.

You don't have a blog

Begin a blog immediately. Fresh content is critical to establish yourself as a credible source and keep audiences coming back to your website. This is part of an ongoing effort and cannot be avoided if you want to have a successful website.

You monologue

Monologues are no bueno: Take an afternoon and read your content critically. Is every line pitchy? Is it mostly phrased in terms of 'I' or 'we'? Don't waste your website's content talking about yourself. Instead, talk to your customers. What are their fears? Frustrations? Goals? Speak to their feelings.

Sub-standard graphics AND stock photography

Instead of using generic images, create images that are relevant to your business. If you don't have a budget for this, use company logos to represent your customers or, with permission, LinkedIn images of your clients and what they're saying. The goal is to stay away from generic images and make your website speak to your clients’ emotions, which you can't do with cold, generic stock images.

Lack of control

Take control of your website. Gather all of the information in one place and keep it handy. You should have access to these at all times:

  • Social media logins

  • Cpanel login

  • Host login

  • Registrar login

Having this information will inspire you to take action and make it easier on you and your team once you decide to do so. Making small changes in increments can be helpful and set you on the right course to improving your website.

I hope this information will be valuable to you. If you find yourself needing more assistance however, you can get a FREE WEBSITE ASSESSMENT by yours truly.  

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