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Meet Cassie Brown, Chief Experience Officer and Owner of TCG Events

June 20, 2018

Join host Matt Starnes for an insightful conversation with Cassie Brown, Chief Experience Officer and owner of TCG Events.

Cassie BrownCassie has a master’s degree in tourism and event management from The George Washington University, but her skill for drilling holes into tents to un-flood them is self-taught. Some might say Cassie has an aversion to the traditional Caribbean vacation; in the last several years, she’s vacationed in Thailand, Antarctica, Belize, Egypt, and Finland.

Cassie shares the story of the moment she realized she wanted to plan events for her career: at the tender age of eight. Learn how TCG Events differs from other businesses that seem to do the same thing. 

As Cassie reminds us, event planning is one of the “top five most stressful professions and three of the other five have guns …”

Other great quotes from the conversation:

Listen and learn from Cassie:

About TCG Events:

We bring more to the table than just a network of vendors. We bring collective, clever creativity backed by thoughtful, calculated logistics. Our event architects transform ordinary events into unmatched experiences.

Learn even more about Cassie Brown and TCG Events at https://tcgevents.com/.

Connect with Cassie on social media: LinkedInInstagram, and Facebook.

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