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Marketing Overload

July 1, 2014

Over the past few weeks I have inundated with information about how much the world has changed in the past 30 years. From trying to explain to young staff about the emergence business software needed to track and maintain inventory for manufacturers and distributors, to a great presentation by Scott Brinker discussion the almost impossible progression of marketing technology, to National Geographic’s series on the 80’s. Wow, I can’t believe I have lived through all of this and there is more to come.

The marketing guru’s have been writing about marketing automation and technology changing the average marketers life for several years now, but it was never as clear to me as it is now. Most growing businesses are trying hard to take advantage of the changes, but it is really to keep up. Even the guru’s find it hard!

I know we have covered this before, but it bears repeating. To run your marketing well in this ever changing scene, you need to be an expert or hire experts in four different areas.

  1. Strategy4_roles_of_marketing
  2. Content Writing 
  3. Technology
  4. Execution


Today let’s talk about how strategy has changed over the years. Back in the days of Mad Men and Don Draper all you had to do was come up with a great slogan and then tell people how great you are. Oh sure, they did study groups and got some idea of what the customer was looking for, but for the most part the world of advertising told you how to think and what you wanted. In today’s world, you could hire a full time person to talk with your clients, put up listening stations to hear what your clients and potential have to say on social media so that you truly understand what you clients want. They don’t want to be sold, they want what they want, when they want it.

Part of having a good strategy is understand your why, why did you start the business, what is your passion. You have to be able to explain that is such a way that it ignites that same passion in others and they will be clients for life.

You have to understand what makes you different than the guy down the street that may offer a similar service. You have to describe that in such a way that your potential client sees that you know how to solve their problem.

Once you have all of that, the strategist needs to decide what the person doing the execution should do to attract the type of client that gets your passion for what you do and actually is looking to learn more about the problem that they have.

Finally the strategist needs to work with the person doing the actual marketing to assess how things are going and what changes need to be made. The strategist of today never rest on the original strategy, it is never once and done. It is analyze and assess and change.

Having a marketing person with the knowledge to do this as a full time member of your organization can cost up to $150,000 year in salary and loaded cost. Chances are that this one person is not an expert in the other three areas, content writing, technology and execution.

Look for my next blog that will cover what used to make a good copy writer and what you need in a content expert today.

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Dan Kraus
Written by Dan Kraus

With more than two decades of experience in sales, marketing, and go-to-market strategies, Dan Kraus has developed a deep portfolio of experiences that he now uses to help small businesses profitably grow their businesses. As an entrepreneur, Dan understands the challenges of growing a business with limited capital and human resources. As a line of business manager in larger companies such as SAP America and Great Plains Software (now part of Microsoft), his experience launching new business ventures inside reputable organizations established his reputation as a creative and effective executive that could both plan and execute within corporate confines.

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