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Marketing Monster Mashup: a LOTTA fun!

July 11, 2017

Last month I talked about the Leading Results podcast, Marketing Monster Mashup, and our guest Darling Jimenez.

As a refresher, the podcast’s name is inspired by our content monster and company mascot Roco. He loves to devour content, so we added a podcast to his nutritional intake. I’m Matt, and I host the whole crazy affair.

Our guest on episode 13 was Titus Bartolotta. Titus is the founder of the Lotta Foundation and BLU: Business Leaders United.

The first question I like to ask our guests is how they start their day – and not just the typical way, like making your bed and brushing your teeth.

titus-photo-small.jpgTitus usually starts his day before 5 am! The soundtrack that wakes him up is his children’s voices; once up, Titus starts his day with his faith and then moves into goal setting.

Titus was kind enough to share his and his wife’s story about growing up with challenging home lives in Queens, NY and how they transitioned to a life of abundance and giving as adults.

Hearing Titus’s realization will give you goose bumps – because unlike his childhood home life, his children would never want for food, shelter, and love.

Moving on, I was curious about Titus’ motivation to start BLU. I think you’ll be able to relate to his frustration with networking events that weren’t productive and didn’t foster new business relationships. In other words, they were lame. Not willing to settle and keep going to dead-end networking events, Titus founded BLU.

For the second time on the podcast, I had chills as Titus shared what a positive force of good the Lotta Foundation brings to his community.

But don’t take my word for it – hear it from the horse’s mouth! Titus’s attitude, energy, and generosity will inspire you.

Find out more information about the Lotta Foundation and BLU: Business Leaders United.

lotta-logo-white-250x143 copy.png   BLU_logo_tight-crop-50 copy.jpg

Listen to the podcast for free here! (You can also subscribe on iTunesSoundcloud, and Stitcher.)

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