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Marketing in the era of too much information

December 30, 2009

Your customers and prospects are tweeting, blogging and facebooking (is that now a verb?). They post videos on youtube. Pictures on Flikr. What does this have to do with you, the marketing manager or company owner and your products or services? Maybe nothing, or maybe everything. Maybe its good, then again, maybe not.

When I went to school in the dark ages (of information), we were trained on how to create focus groups to get feedback. We learned how to create surveys that would give us unbiased information to work with. We looked at ratings and trends to understand what media our target audience was consuming. While some of this still matters (a little), I think one of the most important skills that today’s marketer needs is the ability to filter.

Marketing has always been about listening. But what to do when there is too much to hear? How do you filter out the noise and get to what is important? So many channels. So many information sources. So many conversations that you can now listen in on (legally).

Personally, I use twitter searches and Google alerts to help. I use Google reader to bring it together for me in a single accessible place. But I am always looking for a better filter – one that lets in more relevant content and keeps out the extraneous.  What do you use?  What suggestions do you have?

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