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How to Create a Great Exhibition Stand That Improves Conversions

October 19, 2017

Successful companies are always on the lookout for the finest marketing strategies to help them improve their position in the marketplace.

Effective marketing strategies, however, can only be fully maximized if executed through the right tactics. One of the most common marketing tactic marketers employ is trade show exhibition.

Marketers believe that exhibition stands can increase sales and boost the public’s interest in their company – simply by attracting them to their booth.

Here are essential tips to ensure your exhibition stand increases your chances of conversion:


As an effective marketer, your goal is to make your exhibition stand stimulate a positive demand for your product or service. As a shop window in marketing events, your exhibition stand must outshine those of your competitors’.

Here are tips to make your stand create a lasting impression:trade show.png

  • Choose the best location.

  1. According to Richard Edwards, an expert in designing exhibition stands, it’s imperative to get a floor plan of the exhibition venue before concretely planning for the actual stand. As a rule of thumb, your stand must be fit to the event venue.
  2. Assess the different benefits and drawbacks of an exhibition location. People tend to walk along a side and pause when going around a corner. This will make a corner location encourage heavy footfall to your stand. But once the event gets busy, it can be forgotten.
  3. Knowing and choosing the right exhibition neighbors can also greatly affect your stand’s success. Experts say that having neighbors from the same industry might overwhelm viewers and detract potential customers away from you.
  4. Consider placing your stand in an area that complements your neighbors. Each of you can refer viewers to your respective stands, making it mutually beneficial.
  • Make it visual.

  1. Showcase your brand’s unique personality by incorporating it into an eye-catching theme.
  2. Consider hiring a company that specializes in exhibition stand displays.
  3. Use colors and graphics that will make people easily spot and remember your stand.
  4. Put your products in the spotlight by using the right kind and amount of illumination.
  5. Combine audio and moving visuals in delivering your marketing message.
  6. Ensure that all the elements, including texts, graphics, and logos, are well coordinated and consistent with your brand.
  • Integrate exciting technology.

  1. Use Modular Exhibition Stands that are cutting-edge, yet sustainable. They should be lightweight, flexible, and sturdy, making it easy for your small teams to install, design, and dismantle.
  2. Add Gamification to your exhibit to drive engagement among your stand visitors. The concept of gamification entails employing the same elements that are used in game design to engage customers and make your marketing efforts more fun. With this technique, you encourage attendees to spend more time at your booth and increase retention of your marketing message.


Customers have unconscious needs they find difficult to articulate. As an effective marketer, your job is to probe further and respond beyond their stated needs. To do this, you need to supplement your exhibition stand and interact with your visitors.

Here are a few pointers you can reflect on:trade show floor.png

  1. Easily visible promotional giveaways are a way to extend your booth’s reach. By handing out promotional items that engage people to participate in a game during the trade show, you can start a conversation with your visitors. Once you get their attention, do the work and introduce your brand.
  2. Reach out to people who have attended your previous trade shows. Make use of your existing network by notifying them of your ongoing exhibition.
  3. Make your potential customers feel at home. Offer a treat. Show interest in what they do and what their needs are. Construct a friendly pitch that will make them think that your brand is the solution they’ve been looking for.

Follow Up

Don’t put your team’s effort down the drain by failing to follow up on marketing leads.

Strengthen touch points with your potential clients with these tips:

  1. Be ahead of your tradeshow competitors by sending out thank you letters as soon as possible. By keeping warm connections, you can strengthen your brand’s imprint on your visitors’ minds.
  2. Prioritize your list of marketing leads. Sift through the strongest candidates and reach out to them first.
  3. Make a phone call. Establish connections that will make your leads excited for your next exhibit.

To Sum Up

Tradeshow exhibitions are your tools to put forth your business’ value proposition. To make this proposition worth your customers’ time, it has to be a balance of tangible offerings and lasting experience.

About the author:

Stanley Tan

Stanley TanStan is a marketing manager at Selby's, an Australian printing company that specializes in flags, banners, and exhibition stands and signs. Their clients include McDonald's, Lexus, City of Sydney, and more. His passion is to help businesses and organizations understand how offline marketing displays can boost their brand awareness and sales.

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