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How to Approach Any Food Situation with TNT

January 18, 2018

Here I go again! Right before the December holidays, I managed to get the energetic Courtney Barnes of Total Nutrition Technology to sit down and record an episode of Marketing Monster Mashup (the official podcast of Leading Results).

Courtney explains how to accomplish your health goals (rather than resolutions) in 2018 and beyond.

Learn how listening to your body and taking small steps to a better you is the key to improving your health for life. I was a guinea pig volunteered and Courtney walked me through a mini assessment, so you’ll see how easy the process is when you meet Courtney for the initial consultation.

Like a lot of overweight folks, I set goals to lose weight in 2017. My specific goal was a pound a week for a total of 52 pounds lost in 2017, but I fell short – I lost only 31 pounds. (But I did manage to keep that weight off!) Courtney agrees that one pound a week is a doable goal, so my new goal for 2018 is to lose one pound a week before my birthday in October for a total of 39 pounds lost.

Marketing Monster Mashup podcast! Listen and subscriber for free!

Listen and learn:

Listen all the way to the end because Courtney shares an exclusive special discount code for Marketing Monster Mashup podcast listeners.

Connect with Courtney on her website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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And listen to the podcast here!

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