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How Pursuing Your Life’s Passions Can Increase Your Lead Generation

November 16, 2016

On the most basic level, client relationships are relationships you've thoroughly cultivated; business opportunities you've identified, nurtured, and closed. In a traditional mindset, one cultivates business opportunities from business networking, referrals, and website and marketing activities. All three are completely viable forms of lead generation, but by focusing only on those three activities, you’re missing the bigger picture.

Your Passions Can Grow Your Business

Kim GBP.jpgA work-life balance is critical to living the life of your dreams. Everyone needs downtime and to step away from the rigors of work to recharge – but your personal relationships hold opportunities for the expansion of your business, too.

Thank you, Green Bay Packers!

It’s a good day when I can blog about something that is an extreme personal passion of mine.

Stereotypes don't lie – being born and raised in Wisconsin, I know a lot about beer, brats, cheese, and, of course, the Green Bay Packers. My fandom is so strong that I organize the largest Green Bay Packers meet-up (shameless plug) and game day watch party in Charlotte. Over the years, I’ve met some amazing people from all across the country; some have become likely lifetime friends while others have become business connections.

People Do Business with People They Like – It’s That Simple

When we meet someone with a common connection, it’s natural that a friendship or an understanding forms. You take intentional steps to get to know someone and you’re eager to learn as much about that person as possible. You ask questions about the person – what they do for a living, what they do in their free time, etc.

50 Simple Lead Generation Tactics

But Don’t Make It Your Goal

I didn’t start my Packers meet-up to grow my business – all I wanted was find a core group of like-minded people who I could have a blast with game days. Over the course of time, and after people had time to get to know me, opportunities came my way.

People are smart – and if I had started my group with selfish intentions, my agenda would have been sniffed out from a mile away.

So get out there and spend more time doing more of what you love. The more people you can meet and connect with, the richer your life will become – and you never know who will cross your path with an incredible opportunity or an introduction that can transform your business life.

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