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How Are You Being Perceived?

June 9, 2015

My car was recently rear-ended, and the insurance company decided to total my car. I'm not great with change, so my new car is nearly the same – same straight drive, same color, same sedan model, same fabric seats, etc. (I can't deny that I love the new Bluetooth, though!)

turtles_in_lineOn the back windshield of my old car I had a South Carolina palmetto decal and a tree frog decal, so of course I needed those back too. The palmetto tree was easy to come by, but I couldn't find a frog, so I ordered some swimming turtles instead.

I waited. They came in the mail. I opened them. My dad said, “Since when are you married with three kids?”

Well, the decal wasn't advertised as a "family," at least not like those stick figure families on a lot of back windshields, but indeed there was a big turtle, a medium sized turtle, and three smaller turtles. 

As someone who is not married and does not have kids, this type of thing didn’t even enter my radar.

So are you like me, marketing yourself as something you’re not? Because I thought I was marketing myself as a turtle lover ... but instead I'm potentially marketing myself as a turtle-loving wife with a husband and three kids.

Of course, if you are marketing yourself as something you’re not, it’s okay as long as you know it and accept it (and you aren’t actually defrauding people) – I put those decals on my car anyway!

If you aren’t being seen the way you want to be seen, your marketing may be off. Consider calling us for a check up.

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Courtney Stallings
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