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Google’s Mobile Search Update – What To Do To Be Prepared

April 8, 2015

You may or may not have heard that Google is yet again cooking up a new algorithm for its ranking system. This time, the main focus of the algorithm is to improve customers’ experiences as they relate to mobile technology.

Google has always kept its focus on providing its users with exactly what they are looking for. To continue to service customers in this way, Google will now penalize you for not having a mobile-friendly website.

If you have a mobile-friendly website, you’re off the hook. Otherwise, here are some steps to take before the April 21, 2015 deadline.

  • Find out if your website is mobile friendly: grab your phone and search for your website. Do you have to zoom in and out in order to view the content clearly? If not, check out the steps below.
  • You can also take our partner’s Marketing Grader Quiz to check if your website is mobile by clicking here.

If your website is not mobile-friendly here are a couple of suggestions on what to do next:

You should already have Google analytics and Webmaster tools set up on your website (if you don’t click here), so you can log into your Google account and look at Google’s mobile friendly test tool. This will give you some advice on how to improve your mobile website.

Google Page Speed Insights: Webmaster tools also allows you to check out your site speed. For mobile sites, this is particularly important as people are accessing your website from 4G, 5G, and other non-standard networks that can be significantly slower. A standard a score of 80 and above is good enough to pass the test.

Click here to visit Google Page Speed Insights.

mobile_marketingKeywords Will Be Different: An aspect of mobile sites that often gets ignored is the used of keywords. Keep in mind that your customers may not be searching for the same terms on a mobile device as they do on a desktop. In the keywords planner section of Google Webmaster tools, you can create separate keyword lists for both mobile and non-mobile sites. Google will also provide you with a list of terms that are already being searched for on mobile devices when people land on your site.

Check for Mobile Crawl Errors: In Webmaster tools under crawl errors, you will often see a log of any issues found by Google as it was crawling your website. However, don’t forget that mobile errors can be unique and that you need to select the mobile tab in order to be able to specifically address mobile issues.

Configure Your Mobile Devices: As a new feature, Google is allowing you to configure your mobile website and the way that it works with different devices. Will your video play? Will that image view blocked? Will you have irrelevant links? You can address all these issues with the mobile configuration options and a little work from your developer.

Check out more details about these options here.

For more information about Google’s upcoming update, CLICK HERE…


Darling Jimenez
Written by Darling Jimenez

Darling Jimenez is a passionate graphic and web designer committed to delivering on time products that can generate leads and provide a friendly user experience. With more than 5 years of experience, she loves to stay on top of the latest design and marketing trends.

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