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Getting Your Project Workflows Flowing

April 10, 2018

In the book The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It by Michael Gerber, Gerber writes about the importance of building your business like a franchise, structuring everything.

Does your marketing team have structured, documented business processes and workflows? If not, you’re not alone – but now’s the time to start. It doesn’t matter if you work in a large team for a multi-million-dollar company or you’re the one-man-team of a local agency, understanding and managing a project workflow can make or break an organization.

A project workflow is like a roadmap. It involves setting goals, establishing an effective communication strategy, and using automated processes where possible to get your team from point A to point B. Effective workflows make marketing teams work better; by breaking large projects into actionable and repeatable steps and appointing a person for each task, it’s easier to complete the work on time and with few problems.

Defining the Workflow Process

Marketing teams are held accountable for an increasing number of projects and tasks stemming from many aspects of a business.

A well-optimized workflow should answer the questions:map, travel, pins, road, directions

It’s vital to have written documentation for every type of project, starting with the areas of highest impact. This ensures every team member knows their role and can remain accountable; it also allows a smooth onboarding process as your team grows. Remember to document the procedure if something goes wrong during a project.

Are you and your team more visual? Try mapping out your business processes using a diagram tool like Lucid Chart, or even something as simple as a PowerPoint presentation. As long as you have a document to refer to as the project progresses, choose whatever works for your organization.

Keep the Workflows Flowing

After understanding why you need project workflows and how to define your workflow process, it’s time to implement tactics and strategies that allow you to keep the workflow flowing and successful.

Download the Guide to Getting Your Marketing in Shape

Here are four strategies I recommend implementing in your team.

If you can get your marketing team thinking and behaving like traditional project managers, you’ll save time and produce consistently positive results for your clients. It might take practice and patience to get it right, but properly working project workflows is critical to a relevant and agile team. If you have questions or want to learn more about best practices when it comes to getting your workflows flowing, feel free to contact me at cmotz@leadingresults.com.

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Claire Motz
Written by Claire Motz

As an account manager at Leading Results, Claire’s job is to tackle the day-to-day marketing efforts of her clients so they can focus on their business – not worry about marketing. Her creative, data-driven approach to inbound marketing sets her apart and gives clients the leading results they need. Claire works from her home in Cincinnati, so don’t be surprised if you spot her cat, Rue, walking across her desk during a video chat!

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