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Getting Involved and Giving Back with Betsy Boone of #KennedyStrong

October 16, 2018

Matt Starnes, the host of Leading Results’s Marketing Monster Mashup podcast, sat down for an educational and insightful conversation with Betsy Boone, founder and president of #KennedyStrong.

KennedyStbetsyBooneProfile-1rong is about building an empowering, supportive, and inclusive community for those with Down syndrome in the Charlotte, NC area.

More importantly, the KennedyStrong Foundation envisions an inclusive WORLD, where individuals with Down syndrome are contributing members of their communities and living out their dreams of independence.

KennedyStrong Foundation began with a realization followed by an idea. One day Betsy and her husband, Brendon, were talking about their kids leaving home for college. As they thought about it, they realized there aren’t nearly as many options for their youngest child, Kennedy, as there are for their three older children. Why? Because Kennedy has intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Betsy and her family wanted to make a difference – and that’s where the idea comes in.

Betsy asked, "Why not us? Why don’t we work to create more options for individuals with IDD? And while we’re at it, why don’t we also show support for families who are in the hospital for extended stays taking care of their loved ones? After all, we’d ‘been there, done that’ when Kennedy was hospitalized for 48 days following her second open-heart surgery."

That led Betsy and her family to create the KennedyStrong Foundation. They named it KennedyStrong because to survive everything Kennedy’s survived, you must be strong – and they want others to have the support they need to be strong.

Betsy launched KennedyStrong Foundation with two programs: 21andUP and IHEARTKENNEDY.

Listen to Betsy explain:

  • The spark/realization that helped create KennedyStrong
  • The increased life expectancy for those with Down syndrome
  • Events coming this fall in Charlotte
  • How to get involved and support the KennedyStrong community
  • The difference between the 21andUP and IHeartKennedy programs
  • Her take on the A&E TV show Born this Way


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