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Everyone Talks About Blogging ...

March 16, 2017

... but why would anyone read your blog?

Good question!

Why People Will Read Your Blog

People will read your blog because you know your stuff and, mostly, your prospects and customers don’t. They either have lots of questions or don’t even know what questions to ask, so by reading your blog they can learn what they need. And you can be their thought leader and their hero – and save the day!

Content is King card with colorful background with defocused lights.jpegEven if you’re not on the cusp of an award-winning discovery in your industry, you’re pretty smart. You’re always learning more about your field. You follow the trends and developments that allow you to stay current. You might even go to trade shows, invest in continuing education, read relevant literature, and network with colleagues who do what you do, too.

That’s a lot of learning you’re doing. How much of that learning do you think your customers and prospects have done? Think they could sort through the pile of baloney, myths, and shysters in your industry to figure out the truth? No way.

What if you could wade through all of the crud online (and offline) about your industry and give your prospects and customers the scoop on what’s true, valuable, and actionable? That’s the kind of thing that would get them reading and the kind of thing that would make you the go-to person for whatever you do – which is exactly what you want to be!

Because you’ve been “at it” for some time, you know enough about your specialty to serve as sort of a niche-specific superhero for everyday people. You’re uniquely equipped to be the tour guide for the uninitiated in your market.

Building a Killer Content Strategy

How to Write Blogs

Now, that’s WHY you should write blogs. Here’s HOW you should write them.

When you write, use your own voice (unless you talk like a pedantic college professor), because people don’t want to read a college essay. They don’t want dense prose. They want to learn, yes, but while they’re learning they want to be entertained! Storytelling is at the heart of effective content marketing. Stories touch emotions like no other style of messaging can, and emotions drive sales.

What to Write About In Your Blogs

What do you write about, you ask? That’s easy – write about the things you talk to people about every day. Answer the questions your prospects and customers ask on a regular basis. Write about what’s new in your industry. Open an incognito window in your web browser and do a Google search for topics you’re interested in; when you do, Google will autosuggest keyword phrases people are already searching for. These are perfect for modifying into blog post titles.

How to Post Your Blogs

When you post the blogs, make sure you include great pictures or videos that help drive home the point of your blog – they resonate with your readers and will help bring traffic in through search engine image searches. (In fact, blogs with images get 94% more total views.)

People will read your blogs if you follow these tips.

And, if you’d like to know more about blogging or want to hire someone to write blogs for you, schedule an appointment to speak with me today!

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Laura Lorenz
Written by Laura Lorenz

My goal is to help businesses gain more customers through better marketing. I work with you to create lead generation programs that allow your prospects to move gently along the know, like, and trust path at their own pace. I will enable you and your team to entice fully-qualified prospects to reach out to you. As a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, I work within the confines of a system, creating fixed steps, documenting and duplicating each step, so that I am able to quickly build foundational components. The focus then moves to operating and innovating the system. That's where the real magic lies. I work with my clients to create a strategy to get found and the tactics to do that, a complete marketing plan. My clients are small to medium size businesses that have become frustrated with their inability to "go to the next level." They value professional assistance.

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