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Effective Marketing in Under 280 Characters

October 31, 2017

Twitter is the go-to place to voice your opinion about what’s going on in the world and a great place to connect with people who either already love your work or could become your perfect customer.

Recently, the Twitter bigwigs decided to increase the maximum length of a tweet from 140 to 280 characters – in essence, taking away the thrill of having only a small amount of space to form your thoughts.

less is more.jpgLike small bursts of quality marketing, Twitter needs to be reminded of the adage ‘less is more.’

Many businesses seem to think they need to do EVERYTHING when it comes to marketing – social media, blogging, pay-per-click and other advertising, email (spam), seminars, networking, chamber of commerce or associations, search engine tuning and optimization – the list goes on (and on).

Less really is more. Do fewer things better.

Step One: Build a solid web presence

Stick to authenticity. The key is self-awareness (who you are) and giving the customer what they want. Everything from the design to the colors you choose and your central message should have this as its focus. You get even more points for finding a creative way of sharing your vision concisely. A well-done website is indispensable as your company’s calling card.

Step Two: Create great content

Content is king, but keep it short, sweet, and on brand. It’s the most effective way to share your business’s focus and foster engagement with your customer base. Creating content that’s easily modified to fit into a platform, like Twitter or Pinterest, will only add to your reach. With so little room to share your thoughts, you’re offered the ultimate proving ground to express company creativity.

Building a Killer Content Strategy

Step Three: Network consistently

There’s no better way to familiarize more people with your message/brand than by finding ways to connect. That includes local meet-ups with like-minded individuals and groups as well as connecting on social media. Share a brief story that shows your interactions with customers along with some facts about your background. Show who you are quickly in a way they can relate.

Less is more.

In just three simple steps, you’re well on your way to making sure your business stands out from the pack. Efficient, first-rate, unpretentious marketing leads to more notice and in turn more sales. This is the compact strategy of successful marketing dreams.

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Darling Jimenez
Written by Darling Jimenez

Darling Jimenez is a passionate graphic and web designer committed to delivering on time products that can generate leads and provide a friendly user experience. With more than 5 years of experience, she loves to stay on top of the latest design and marketing trends.

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